American Control Electronics has much more bandwidth than the other manufacturers of low HP drives.  Their model is built on providing customized solutions to meet your power control requirements.  Whether you require a DC drive, an AC drive, a custom drive, a custom PCB, custom cabling or a unique firmware solution, their  engineering team is ready and able to assist.  Minarik Drives is a brand of American Control Electronics, located in South Beloit, IL have been manufacturing drives for over 60 years.
Applied Motion Products specializes in high-precision, cost-effective motion control products.  They offer a full complement of stepper and servo drives, motors, controllers, gearheads, and power supplies to serve a diverse industrial and OEM customer base.  Applied Motion offers a powerful range of standard products to meet your motion control requirements.  If your application demands something unusual or unique, Applied Motion can engineer a design to optimize the product’s performance for your needs. 
Atlanta Drives is a world leader in rack & pinion drive technologies approaching 80 years in business.  For more than 80 years, ATLANTA Drives has grown to become a world leader in rack & pinion drive technologies.  They manufacture the widest range of standard racks & pinions in the industry to meet almost any axis drive requirement.  Industries served include material handling, automation, automotive, aerospace, machine tool, woodworking, and robotics.
Creative Motion Control delivers innovation in bearings, performance roller screws, and roller screw actuators.  CMC planetary roller screws not only improves upon the traditional planetary design, but comes with unparalleled customer service and shorter lead times.  When the rollers screws are paired with the patented grooved roller bearing, an unprecedented amount of force density is available for your process. 
Founded in 1980, EDRIVE Actuators manufactures electric heavy duty linear actuators for tough industrial applications.  Their products are used in a wide variety of industry applications where conservative design, rugged construction, long life, and high precision are required and valued. 
GAM is your complete source for gear reducers, couplings, linear mounting kits, and other innovative products used in automation technology.  With one of the largest product offerings in the motion control industry as well as the engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to provide customized solutions, GAM can help with your application.
KURODA manufactures a wide range of ballscrews, ballscrew actuators, and linear motion support guides.  
For over 50 years, Leuze electronic has stood as an innovative and efficient sensor solutions in the area of factory automation.  Their range of products consists of switching sensors, measuring sensors, safety devices for work, identification, data transmission, and industrial image processing systems. 
Macron Dynamics, Inc., a manufacturer of linear and mechanical motion components and systems, provides automation solutions for applications found throughout the U.S. and around the globe. Macron products are built with the highest quality materials, assembled in the USA, and engineered to withstand the abuses of rigorous, daily usage. 
Since 1918 Posital Fraba has been a premier manufacturer of a wide range of measuring solutions - incremental encoders, absolute encoders, magnetic encoders, programmable encoders, inclinometers, linear measuring sensors, and kit encoders. 
Servotronix Motion Control develops and manufactures standard and customized automation solutions with a focus on motion control. Over decades, the company has developed generations of high performance servo drive families and motion control solutions tailored to customer needs and designed to meet the form, fit, functionality, and cost specifications of a wide range of applications and industries. Servotronix guiding principles are to provide customers with high-quality products, cost-effective solutions, and on-time deliveries.
Trio Motion Technology is a specialized source of high performance motion control technology.  They manufacture flexible and economical solutions for motion control applications, enabling control of complex high speed automation and machine control in most industries throughout the world.  Trio Motion Technology has been manufacturing high-quality motion controllers since 1987 and has a comprehensive range that allows seamless control of 1 to 64 axes of servo motors, stepper motors, piezo motors or hydraulic systems.